Use of Recycled Materials and
Industrial By-Products in Concrete
Publication of Research Information Digest series in Concrete Journal has been completed.
The Technology Application Document series will be published soon by the Concrete Society or the Concrete Centre.

Over recent years, a substantial amount of research has been carried out to exploit use of recycled materials and industrial by-products in concrete. However, currently, the percentage use of these materials in concrete is not at a desired or sustainable level.

This site provides a route for increasing the level of confidence and awareness of these materials within the construction industry.

The site will provide up to date technical information and practical guidance on six materials: fly ash, conditioned fly ash, recycled concrete aggregate, incinerator ashes, recycled glass and granulated rubber. The project overview provides further information.

This project is funded by the Department of Trade and Industry Partners in innovation scheme, the RMC Environmental Fund and the following project partners: Aggregate Industries, Amec Civil Engineering, Ballast Phoenix, British Cement Association, Castle Cement Ltd., Concrete Society, Edmund Nuttall Ltd., RWE Innogy, Halcrow Group, Quarry Products Association, RMC Aggregates Ltd., SEPA and UKQAA.
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